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Life insurance has been around for 250 years and until recently the only way to actually receive the death benefit was to die.

Today that has all changed. Many carriers allow what is called a living benefit that allows you to access your death benefit in the event of a disability or the need for Long Term Care. For many people as they age the need for a death benefit  decreases but the risk of needing Long Term Care services increase dramatically the older we get. Today those risks can be avoided with one policy. In fact many people who have existing “Old Style” life insurance policies with cash value are able to exchange their existing policy for a “New Style” policy with living benefits. Since people are living longer and the “New Style” life insurance is typically cheaper, often you can increase your benefits without having to pay more than you currently are.

As the old saying goes “There are only two things certain in life- Death and Taxes”. I would add that Long Term Care runs a close second. According to the department of Social and Health services over half of all households will be affected by Long Term Care. Today the cost of care is extremely high and will only go up in the future. To ignore Long Term Care planning could be a serious mistake putting your spouse and you in financial jeopardy.

Whether you address your potential needs with the “New Style” life insurance or a traditional Long Term care policy we can help you make an informed decision on which is best for you.

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